The World of Disenchantment (Design Thesis, 2016)

The World of Disenchantment is a theme park concept about the perplexity and absurdity of our everyday lives. The most prominent piece of this concept is the small-scale model of the theme park. Made entirely of paper– the model is given this delicate playful quality that comes with nostalgia. The World of Disenchantment houses four smaller lands within it, each representing a major life stage– The lands of Youth, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Old Age. Accompanying the model are three attraction posters and a map of the theme park, giving more insight on what the park has to offer. 

The artist’s purpose of creating this theme park design is to provide a satirical perspective on life, and many of the significant events that we endure. The artist chose subtlety and tongue-in-cheek humor in order to pull in her audience. The main goal of the park is to get people to laugh at whatever life may bring.